Your Guide to Texas Driver's License Cost

Nov 25, 2023


Are you a resident of Texas looking to obtain a driver's license? Understanding the cost involved in the process is crucial for effective financial planning. In this detailed guide, ShopFastNotes provides all the necessary information on the various fees and charges associated with obtaining a Texas driver's license. Read on to make informed decisions and ensure a smooth application process!

Texas Driver's License Fees

When applying for a Texas driver's license, it's essential to consider the different fees you may encounter. Let's break down the costs step by step:

1. Application Fee

Every applicant must pay an application fee upon submitting their driver's license application. The current application fee in Texas is $25. This fee covers the processing and administration costs involved in your application.

2. Knowledge Test Fee

Before obtaining your driver's license, you will need to pass a knowledge test to prove your understanding of traffic rules and regulations. To take the knowledge test, Texas charges a fee of $11.

3. Road Test Fee

Once you successfully pass the knowledge test, you will be eligible to take the road test. The road test fee in Texas is $26. This fee covers the cost of administering the test and evaluating your driving skills.

4. License Issuance Fee

Upon passing both the knowledge test and road test, you will be issued a Texas driver's license. To cover the cost of producing and issuing the physical license, Texas charges an issuance fee of $16.

5. Identification Fee

If you do not currently have an approved form of identification, such as a passport or birth certificate, an additional identification fee of $22 may apply. This fee covers the necessary verification and documentation processes.

6. Reexamination Fee

In some cases, if your driver's license has been revoked or suspended, you may need to undergo a reexamination. The reexamination fee in Texas is $25. This fee applies when you need to retake the knowledge or road test due to previous driving violations or license-related issues.

7. Renewal Fee

When your Texas driver's license is close to expiring, you will need to renew it. The renewal fee is $33 for a standard license and $24 for individuals aged 85 and older. Keep in mind that the expiration date assigned to your license may depend on your age, so it's essential to plan accordingly.

8. Duplicate License Fee

If you happen to misplace or lose your Texas driver's license, a duplicate license can be issued. The fee for obtaining a duplicate license is $11. It is crucial to report any lost or stolen licenses to ensure the safety of your personal information.

9. Other Fees

There may be additional fees, such as reinstatement fees after a suspension, fees for adding endorsements or restrictions, or fees for specialized licenses, like commercial driver's licenses (CDLs). These fees can vary depending on your specific situation and license requirements. It's always best to consult the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for accurate and up-to-date information.

Texas Driver's License Cost Summary

Obtaining a Texas driver's license involves several fees and charges. To summarize the average costs:

  • Application Fee: $25
  • Knowledge Test Fee: $11
  • Road Test Fee: $26
  • License Issuance Fee: $16
  • Identification Fee: $22 (if applicable)
  • Reexamination Fee: $25 (if applicable)
  • Renewal Fee: $33 (standard), $24 (ages 85+)
  • Duplicate License Fee: $11
  • Additional Fees: Varies based on specific requirements


Understanding the cost of obtaining a Texas driver's license is essential for effective financial planning. By comprehensively breaking down the different fees and charges involved, ShopFastNotes aims to provide you with the detailed information necessary to make informed decisions. Be sure to consult the Texas Department of Public Safety for the most up-to-date fee information and any additional requirements based on your specific situation. Good luck with your driver's license application process!

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